My Infertility Journal, Part 9: Our Pregnancy Announcement
Megan Tansom | August 14, 2019
My Pregnancy Announcement – posted on Facebook on June 2016:

Infertility sucks. It just does. It is a long, miserable, lonely, and heartbreaking experience. I have some of the most exciting news of our lives to share but want to preface this announcement with, I struggled, WE struggled to get pregnant. For almost 4 years we have been trying to grow our family. In those 4 years, we had many doctors’ appointments including OB and fertility specialist appointments, did so much ovulation tracking, tracked temperatures and other fun bodily things, tried to not miss a day of “trying” (not as fun as it sounds), had 6 IUI procedures, which means 6 times we were told “Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time”… a surgery for Ryan, a PCOS diagnosis for me, an extreme diet change, and medications galore.

We decided to finally start the journey of IVF which is a hard and extremely expensive but also such an amazing process. It comes with its own set of highs and lows – fertility meds, me being turned into a human pincushion, emotions gone crazy (Ryan was careful to not point this out, but I know I had my moments), and many many tears. BUT (yes, thank goodness there is a but), it all ended on a high note with very happy tears as I found out I was pregnant. FINALLY, it was happening for us! We cautiously celebrated and waited for the doctor to confirm that we will be expecting our miracles – #TansomTwins (YES TWINS!) – in December!! (Little did we know at this time that it would actually be November…)

I know there are more out there that are experiencing issues and just want you to know, you are not alone. You will get your happily ever after – one way or another. Don’t give up. You have to throw all plans out the window. We couldn’t have known any of this was going to happen but it did and it is part of our family story. Our twins were meant to be ours. I know we have a long road of pregnancy to go and just hope and pray for no more complications. We couldn’t be more excited to finally become parents.

We have been pretty open about our struggles which has led to many amazing conversations and SO MANY people including friends, family and random acquaintances, praying for us. It was incredible. I have met and heard from other couples with these struggles (there are more than you think!) and hope we can help them and others to not feel alone in this process.

To Dr. Corfman and the amazing staff at The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health, P.A. – Thank you so much Dr. C for your patience, kindness, ridiculous ability to explain the most complicated of situations, and of course for your wonderful nurses and staff. The journey has been long and heartbreaking, but o so worth it – or will for sure be when we have our twins in our arms.

I also want to give a shout out to Ryan Tansom, my partner in crime, my rock, my hubby, and my baby Daddy ;). I couldn’t have done all of this without you, and not only because it is scientifically impossible, but because you are just the absolute best person I know. I wouldn’t want to go through something this shitty or this joyful with anyone else. It is only the beginning.

An IFV momma that I know sent me this encouragement along the way: “The pain that you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that is coming.” – Romans 8:18

– Meg, Ry & the twins (& Luna!)


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