My Infertility Journal, Part 7: Transfer Day “No Refunds”

Megan Tansom | July 2, 2019

April 1, 2016

We had to be at the office by 8:45AM on transfer day. Our transfer was scheduled for 9:15AM. I went to the gym in the morning since it was the first day I felt pretty normal and knew I wouldn’t be getting there after the transfer. I met Ryan afterward at the clinic and we headed up to see how many of our eggs were actually fertilized!

After I changed into my hospital gown, we met with the Embryologist. She was one of my favorite people so far. She was so positive and funny – loved her. She showed us that we had the following stats:

29 oocytes retrieved

25 oocytes ICSI’d

20 oocytes fertilized

20 viable embryos

What did this mean? Out of the 29 retrieved, 25 were good enough to be fertilized, and out of those 25, 20 took! We had 20 possible embryos that they watched for 5 days. We had a day 5 blasocyst transfer which was GREAT news. The blastocyst stage is the mature state of the embryo when the cells start dividing. We were told it is just more viable at that point in time with better live birth rates versus a 3-day transfer.

Out of those 20, the embryologist said two were STAND OUT embryos – they were great, they were in her words “Sha-bam” as she held up goal post arms to us laughing. I had her clarify that she meant these two were the best… and the ONLY ones ready to go. Yes, we had our two. She made us sign off that we were transferring two “no refunds” (she joked). I slightly panicked. Did we want two? Should we put in just one!? No, Megan, no. We talked thoroughly about this and had many reasons for putting in the two. After this short-lived panic, we signed.

Dr. C came in and explained what he was going to be doing in his Dr. C way – thorough with analogies and everything to make you completely understand. We then made preparations for the transfer.

There was soft music, one nurse, and Dr. C. The embryologist would come in when Dr. C had placed the catheter to give him the embryos (they don’t like room temperature we were told). Dr. C placed the embryos and said he was giving them back to me now. I didn’t cry but was emotional inside and squeezed Ryan’s hand the whole time. These are our babies – this is it! Our twins were being put into my uterus. Now we pray they implant and we finally get the most amazing news of our lives.

We didn’t have to wait long after the procedure this time. Dr. C. assured us it didn’t matter if I laid there for five minutes or five days, it wouldn’t affect the results. So no, I didn’t do a handstand on the patient table for an hour – but you sure know I would have if he told me it would have helped our chances! He recommended some OB’s again at MetroOB in Woodbury and said he would see us in a couple of weeks.

Dr. C was helping us make plans for after our pregnancy test but did again warn us that sometimes it just doesn’t work. There is over 70% chance it will work and everything went as well as possible, but it does still happen. We hope and pray with everything that we have that these two little buggers stick around with us for a long time! Now again, we wait…

REFLECTION TODAY: I was so hopeful at this appointment – which you should be going into transfer day. Obviously, the end goal is a baby and there is still a ways to go to get to that BUT this was a pivotal day in the whole process. Everyone at the clinic was so positive and it seemed like everything went perfectly. Of course (spoiler but not such a spoiler for those that know me or just glance at my Instagram), we did get pregnant with our twins BUT I have talked to a lot of couples where this first round of IVF (even if done seemingly perfectly) still doesn’t work. We only paid for “one shot” at this IVF thing and the doubts started to flood in.

I don’t feel like I had anyone that helped me prepare for what was coming next. I wasn’t emotionally prepared for the pretty devastating news I got the next day. Stay tuned for my next journal post.

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