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Megan Tansom | January 20, 2019 – such a creative name, right?

I am kind of a perfectionist. I research and plan WAY too much before making a move or starting something new. This is a strength of mine at times – to be prepared, have everything laid out ahead of time, to always know what I am getting myself into before I jump – but also a weakness. I have so many ideas and many things I want to accomplish but if I don’t feel 100% prepared or like I have all the answers, I don’t do it.

Why I am telling you this is that I have wanted to start a blog for a long time. I have wanted to start helping women going through infertility and IVF for a long time. I have wanted to have a place to put up my photography for a long time. I have googled “how to start a blog” so many times and the random pages I land on always talk about having a creative or relatable name/brand. I follow many bloggers and have friends who have said the same thing. Well, thinking about that has held me back from starting this thing because I don’t want this to be centered around just one topic. I want it to be able to change and evolve as I do. I don’t just want an infertility blog, or a twin mom blog, or a photography site. This site is just me. So hey, my name wasn’t taken and I am just DOING IT. I am STARTING. I don’t have it all figured out yet and that is ok. I think…

I was looking through photos to introduce myself to you (those of you that aren’t already family and friends that is) and this one just made me laugh. I am a photographer and love beautiful professional photos as much as anyone. I have some of my little fam spread throughout this site… but this is more what my normal day looks like. Here I am, in not so great light (definitely not “golden hour”), with a comb stuck in my hair from my two little hair artists, and a blurry naked babe running by in the corner.

Hi all! I am Megan. 🙂

This will be a place to show what makes me, well, me. Thanks for following along with whatever this becomes.

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