Little Miss Mabel is 6 Months | Family & Milestone Photography

Megan Tansom | April 12, 2019

My friends, Tyler and Leah Seurer, had little Mabel over 6 months ago now! They had me to their home in her first week of life to take some newborn pics and I can’t believe how much she has grown since! They wanted some updated pics of their sweet little girl but of course it was dead of winter. I took a tour of the Como Zoo Conservatory and surrounding area and decided we could stay warm, try to dodge the crowds between shots, and hopefully get a few good ones.

It looks like we flew out to a warm tropical oasis for this session- I wish!! Mabel was so amazing during the whole thing. She is such a HAPPY girl! That is the main thing I hear from Mom and Dad as well – she is so good and they feel so lucky and spoiled to be her parents. Every time I chat with Leah, she lights up talking about her daughter. She is OBSESSED with her (in a good motherly way!). They just can’t get enough of little Mabel. I can tell you Mabel is so lucky to have them too. (Also, LOOK at those 2 little teeth sticking out – OMG… all the heart eyes).

Thank you Seurer family once again for having me capture your family at another stage of life. I am happy to watch your little girl grow through my camera (and outside of it too of course). Love you guys!

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