Welcome to the World Kennedy Stanton | Fresh 48 & Newborn Photography

Megan Tansom | September 4, 2019

My niece, Kennedy Lynn Stanton was born very quickly on August 20, 2019! This beautiful amazing little human came rushing into the world at 4:42 AM, all 5lbs 10 ounces of her. I am so unbelievably happy for my sister-in-law, Alex, and brother-in-law, Chad. This little gal is so lucky to have these two and I can’t wait to watch her grow along with her cousins, my kiddos. 

“I just cannot wrap my head around this. She is ours!! We made her! My heart hurts, I love her so much.” – Alex Stanton 

Kennedy basically didn’t cry for the first couple of days and how her parents wished this would continue. She is still a sweet little thing but I think now has proven to have some lungs on her. Alex and Chad, you are already rocking this first-time parent gig. It is tough, but o so worth it. 

Thank you for letting me come right away to the hospital to meet my new little love in my life (not that you had much of a choice as Auntie was too excited). I have so enjoyed the baby snuggles and capturing your sweet little family. Love you guys.

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