Welcome to the World Brodie Hiron | Family & Newborn Photography

Megan Tansom | April 23, 2019

Welcome to the world Brodie Hiron born February 28th! I wouldn’t so much call this a newborn session as this little guy’s Dad, Mike, travels a bit for work and we couldn’t quite get pictures in until mid-April. He was almost 10 pounds at birth so after a couple months, he could barely fit in the little newborn box I bring to shoots (in all the best ways!). I met proud parents, Lindsey and Mike, at their BEAUTIFUL Minneapolis home. Seriously people, a photographers dream house! 

“Joining us in the outside world at 9lb 13oz, we instantly fell in love with Mike’s mini-me, especially his spiky hair and big blue eyes. Since then, we have enjoyed every minute (ok, endured a few of them). Brodie has taught us so much about ourselves, not least that teamwork really does make the dream work and that when someone is sick all over you or things don’t go to ‘plan’, the best thing to do is smile, laugh and carry on.”

Lindsey Hiron

I asked Lindsey to tell me about motherhood and how different life is with Brodie. I love how honest she was in the quote above. I only spent about two hours with her and Mike, but they the most positive and kind people. They are very right, it is not all going to be easy but their “smile, laugh, and carry on” approach is amazing.

Lindsey also said, “A good friend said to me “before you have a child, you can’t imagine having them and what life will be like with them; but the second you have them, you can’t imagine life without them.” And it has proved very true. We are grateful to be on the journey of parenthood, watching our little guy develop, grow and blossom, and enjoying life as a little family.”

Thank you Hiron family for having me and trusting me with these first photos of Brodie. I am so happy you could get some as a family and with Granny too! Brodie was the cutest (WIDE awake) model. I hope you enjoy this little sneak. 

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