Baby Eng #3 | Maternity Photography

Megan Tansom | April 29, 2019

I love taking photos of fellow MoM’s (Moms of Multiples) and their families. Last fall I was able to take some family photos of the Eng Family. Melanie reached out to me from a mutual group we are in on Facebook and I am so glad she did. She brought her husband, Charlie, and their adorable twins, Aiden and Aria. These two were so well behaved that it gave me some hope for my future. 😉 

During their family session she informed me that she was pregnant (I hadn’t noticed!) with their third baby. When Melanie reached out later on in her pregnancy for maternity photos, I was really excited. I love capturing the growth of a family and so happy they chose to have me take their photos once again. We decided on the Como Park Conservatory as our backdrop (and escape from the cold). They even stepped outside for a couple pics which I loved!

Aiden and Aria were able to see the zoo animals as Mom and Dad got to spend a little time with me celebrating Baby Eng #3. During our session they told me they were moving to Las Vegas, trading snow for sun and an amazing new job opportunity for Charlie. I am so happy for them and amazed that at 8 months pregnant Melanie (and her family) were able to sell their Minnesota home in less than a day, road trip across country with two young kiddos, and set up a new home in Nevada before the baby arrived.

The Eng family welcomed Bode Cormac Eng to their family on April 11th. Congrats and good luck to you all! 

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