The Ahrens Family 2019 | Family & Milestone Photography

Megan Tansom | August 6, 2019

Meet the Ahrens Family – Jessica, Chris, Asher, and can’t forget their french bulldog, Maggie! The Ahrens family came to me after a friend mentioned my name which I am always grateful for. Excessive heat warnings continued to push out our shoot but we got it in! It was still an extremely warm a sunny day but we all made it through…. relatively intact. Maggie panted a bit too hard so Grandma was there to rescue the pup from the sunshine and the cops came too (story for another time – photographer fail). Jessica and her family wanted photos to capture Asher as a FRESH ONE-YEAR-OLD so here is the sneak!!

“Asher is ACTIVE, he’s always on the move. He’s inquisitive, always trying to figure out how things work and loves to play peek a boo and hide and seek. He’s obsessed with his puppy although she’s not yet decided on how much she likes him.” – Jessica Ahrens

Happy Birthday little man! This active little guy wanted to pick grass and run in the sunshine as any little guy would. Jessica also describes Asher as their little IVF miracle! I love that I continue to meet families who have had similar journeys as us and that are open to sharing. Thanks for that Jessica and to the whole Ahrens family for being totally cool with the heat and the unexpected guests. 

Thank you Ahrens family. I hope you find some photos in here of Asher and your family that you love! 

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