Welcome to the World Adeline Johnson | Newborn Photography

Megan Tansom | April 9, 2019

I had the honor of photographing newborn photos for little miss Adeline. Her momma Sara, who I have been friends with since middle school days, contacted me a couple of weeks or so before her child made their arrival. At the time she and her husband, Mark, didn’t know what they were having. I felt like it was a girl (you know 50/50 chance there) and was SO excited to add to the #girltribe! Adeline Anne Johnson was born on February 23rd… all beautiful 6 pounds 13 ounces of her.

“The feeling of holding your child for the first time is indescribable. Although being new to parenthood has its challenges, learning her quirks and watching her personality develop make it all worth it.”

– Mark & Sara Johnson

I asked Sara and Mark to send me a little something about being first time parents and what inspired their daughter’s name. They said the sweet words above as well as the following: 

“As we prepared to enter parenthood we were often told, “The love you will feel for your child will be unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.” It’s so true. Adeline Anne was named after her two maternal great grandmothers who were strong, generous, sweet, and slightly stubborn. As of now we can say she has inherited all of those same traits. We are so blessed and are very thankful Megan could capture her early days.”

I could see all the LOVE they had for her during our session. Mark fell quickly and easily into the obsessed “proud Dad” role as he snapped pictures of me snapping pictures of his little girl. 

Thank you Johnson family. I am so thankful you asked ME to capture sweet Adeline in her first week of life and just so happy for you all. You guys are already doing GREAT so keep on keeping on. Parenting is hard, but like you said, o so worth it. 

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